About us

Development, Advocacy and Research Trust (DART) is a non-profit, non- governmental organization that works in All over India. Formal Establishment of the Trust in 1998 was a culmination of a vision and purpose to support the healthy behaviors amongst the underprivileged, stigmatized and socio-economically disadvantaged communities.
Each year we train and support 50 -100 young peer educators to lead community development initiatives engaging 3000-5000 young people. Our vision is to see young people taking a leadership role in addressing the most urgent issues facing the world, supported by their communities, civil society, government and businesses. Our mission is to place young people at the forefront of development.
Civic Participation: young people and the broader youth sector are significant contributors to development processes, resulting in public policy and practice that both supports and is accountable to young people.
Livelihoods and Employment: young people are taking up productive livelihoods and employment opportunities that contribute to their household income and the economies of their communities.
Sexual and Reproductive Health: young people are making informed decisions and engaging in safe sexual and reproductive health practices that lead to healthy lives.
DART is the first organization in Delhi, in fact in north India, to have worked with the State Government of Delhi in implementing the first ever targeted intervention on HIV and AIDS prevention with men in the year 2000. Subsequently, the Delhi State AIDS Control Society collaborated with DART in the year 2002 to organize a consultative meeting with other National, International NGOs (Non-governmental Organizations), UN agencies and donors on policy development for developing strategies to effectively address.